Through the Eyes of Lili

24 06 2012

Written by: Lili Borisova (Statistics)

It is my eleventh day with the AIA Bulgaria team in America. Already we have been to more than four cities together, we have crossed more than six states, I have met more than 500 people, and I can surely say that I am able to add twenty people to my list of friends. Through the entire trip, I have had the chance to have four moms and dads and ten brothers and sisters so far. It is great how all these people make you feel welcome and share their homes with you. I have been accepted everywhere with so much love and warmth that I have felt that I have been part of these families all my life. I think that this AIA tour is a journey of friendship, individual growth, daily lessons of how you have to share and serve, having fun, and giving. Then comes basketball- the greatest game ever. Thanks to this game I have had the chance to meet and know all these boys and girls, and meet more people who will somehow be part of my life. It is unique to get to know all these players that I have already known from Bulgaria even better, and see that most of them are really deep. Every day I learn from them and more about them. So do they. We all learn and grow on the court and continue getting to know one another while in the vans travelling, at the Chicago picnic, the pool party in Xenia, Ohio, while we work with all these kids, spending time with the families, eating, joking, sharing, during the team times and going to church. I hope we will be a better version of ourselves after the AIA trip this year.




One response

26 06 2012
Priscilla Gault

Hi Lili,
We miss you and look forward to seeing you again and hearing all about your trip.
Pris and Gordy

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